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Mobile companies do good.
T-Mobile, Sprint Waive Japan Calling And Texting Fees -- U.S. carriers AT&T and Verizon both announced that they would be waiving calling and texting fees for their users who were calling Japan, in the wake of the devasting earthquake and tsunami in the region. Since then a number of other smaller carriers are joining the mix.

Global impact.
Foreign Investors Flee Japan -- Even if Japan does suffer a Chernobyl-style radiation leak, it won't have much impact on the long-term earning power of companies such as Toyota, Sony, and Hitachi, some of which have announced they are suspending production at Japanese plants hit by power outages. But traders are not looking at the long term: they are looking at what is going to happen in the next few hours and days. And since they can't figure that out, their reaction is sell, sell, sell.

Hope you're not hungry.
FinSys Update: Food Prices Soar For US Producers In February -- Food prices skyrocketed for producers in February by the most since the Nixon administration ended price controls in 1974, and with Japan's imports sure to increase, small cattle herds and low world grain inventories, the foods sector may continue under pressure. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Wednesday reported the February Producer Price Index jumped way beyond expectations, up 1.6%.

Blood can be manufactured?!
Scottish bid to manufacture transfusion blood -- The universities are working with the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service to generate red blood cells on a large scale for Scotland. Scientists have said that the industrial generation of blood from stem cells would end current supply problems.

- Sheena Moore

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