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Long Pause for Japanese Industry Raises Concerns About Supply Chain -- Much of Japan's industry seemed to remain in a state of suspension Wednesday, as the devastation from an earthquake and tsunami, combined with fear and uncertainty over the nuclear calamity, made it difficult for corporate Japan to think about business as usual.

Porsche creates a procurement department.
Porsche drives up importance of procurement -- Car manufacturer Porsche has created a separate procurement department in response to purchasing's growing significance at the company. The function previously sat within the finance and business department. From 1 April, Uwe-Karsten Städter will be the company's new board member in charge of purchasing.

Fukushima Vs. Three Mile Island Vs. Chernobyl --
This year marks Chernobyl's 25th anniversary, and how ironic it is that the world has a new nuclear emergency on its hands: Japan's Fukushima power plant, operated by TEPCO. The situation at Fukushima continues to worsen, with explosions at two more reactors and the radiation released surpassing that of Three Mile Island. The 40-year-old reactors, designed by General Electric, were due for decommissioning at the end of this month.

Not Beemers!
BMW fears quake disruptions to supply chain -- "We do not face any immediate consequences, but we are analysing how our second- and third-tier suppliers are affected. This will take seven to ten days," Mr Diess said at the group's annual press conference. Second- and third-tier suppliers are companies that produce components for BMW's direct, "first-tier" suppliers.

- Sheena Moore

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