Spend Matters Friday Latte

Delayed reaction.
Japan disaster: Supply shortages 'in three months' -- But supply shortages are likely to hit hard only in about three months, according Malcolm Penn, chief executive of technology research firm Future Horizons.

Government style.
Hearing to examine procurement, use of gas guzzlers by DC government officials -- The district's practices with vehicles came under scrutiny when it was revealed District of Columbia Council Chairman Kwame Brown requested two "fully loaded" Lincoln Navigator SUVs that cost the city $1,900 a month apiece.

Make make make!
Factories in decline? It's OK, services will do nicely -- The Worrying Class in developed countries laments: "We don't make anything any more." They fear that, as more people find employment in services, their nation loses the ability to provide for itself and gives up the "good jobs" which sustain the middle class.

- Sheena Moore

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