Corporate United’s Collaboration Awards: Ten Days Left to Submit an Application

Along with industry colleagues Tim Cummins (CEO, IACCM) and Dr. Robert Handfield (NC State professor + Director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative), I'm a judge of Corporate United's Collaboration Awards. I'm a big fan of Corporate United and everything they stand for (including hiring one of the stars of American Idol, whom I had the distinguished pleasure of once playing the "Procurement Blues" with in a duet where I clearly dragged down the musical talent quota). Musical digressions aside, Corporate United's Collaboration Awards fall into three categories: internal collaboration (for partnering with another functional department), external collaboration with a supplier/vendor (partnering with a supplier/vendor, leading to superior collaboration) and internal and external collaboration (both an internal and an external partnership at the same time to drive category results). But if you plan to nominate yourself, don't wait another day! Submissions are due by March 31st.

If you win, you won't just be featured on some paper or virtual rag like Spend Matters. You'll also get your travel and hotel costs covered to the SYNERGY conference in Chicago this May (I'll be at the event as well). As a long-time attendee of the event -- I go because I want to each year, not because of a speaker or appearance fee, which should tell you something given all of the smaller vendor and for-profit events I get invited to -- I can honestly say that it's probably the most non-commercial of all vendor/service provider conferences I've been to. It's truly a class act, and the Corporate United team is a blast to get to know and hang out with. Winning a Collaboration Award from this group and speaking with the attendees who come and make SYNERGY everything it is will truly create a lasting benefit for those who have winning collaboration stories to tell.

I agreed to be a judge (with no commercial benefit) for two reasons. The most important is that I think the world of the Corporate United team -- they're good people, and they're also passionate about making GPO models work (I also have a long and sordid past going back to FreeMarkets with one of their managers, but that's another story). But the second and arguably more important reason (given how crazy my schedule is to commit to anything), is that I believe both internal and supplier-based collaboration is underappreciated today. If we can collectively unearth some great case examples for companies that have driven material procurement and sourcing benefits from working more closely with stakeholders and suppliers in such areas as demand management, specification management, supplier cost take-out, risk management and implementing savings programs, we'll all be the better for it.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your nomination for Corporate United's Collaboration Awards today.

Jason Busch

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