Contribute to Spend Matters: We’re Looking For a Few Experts (Even in Niche Areas)

Spend Matters readers are usually pretty quiet, but we know that there are hundreds if not thousands of experts and specialists out there who visit on a frequent basis, and who would have some fantastic content to contribute. We also know that many on the provider side of the house are keen to reach our community in new ways. Barring a few guidelines (below) we here in the office really want to know what you have to say, and we think our readers will appreciate a broad and varied viewpoint about procurement and supply chain issues, be it around commodity management/strategies, global sourcing, new technologies, risk management, etc.

With no further ado, here's what we're looking for:

  • Expert commodity viewpoints, pricing analysis/forecasts and updates; contributors can be individuals or companies/firms or even solo experts. We're looking especially for contributors who want to cover energy/oil, plastics/resins, food ingredients, packaging, MRO, travel, temporary labor
  • Expert-level analysis in technology ideas around the periphery of procurement (e.g., supply chain issues that link to procurement; product design issues that link to procurement; talent management's intersection with contingent procurement; etc.)
  • Anyone who wants to document their experience going through either a P2P implementation, services procurement VMS roll-out or supplier management/supplier development initiative (may be risk, supplier performance management, etc.)

Sound up your alley? Drop me a line with either your background and thoughts around a one-time submission or even potentially a regular column: smoore (at) spendmatters (dot) com. Some housekeeping, real quick ... if you're thinking of submitting a column (or joining us as a contributor on a more frequent basis), please keep posts to 500-800 words. Also, remember that Spend Matters is a resource for many, many companies and individuals. So keep the press releases and marketing lingo to a minimum and stick to the grit of the issues so that it's mutually useful for the entire community. Also, for those looking to contribute on a regular basis (at least twice/month), we're willing to make it worth your while by providing exposure for your organization if you're interested.

We're looking forward to reading your submissions and featuring them on the blog!

- Sheena Moore

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