MetalMiner’s First Software Sponsor: Zycus

A truly unique event happened in Spend Matters' brief history a couple weeks back. One sponsor formally departed our virtual pages for those of a sister-site (though we'll be collaborating with them through another form of broadcast media this year -- more on that in a minute). Zycus, one of the best positioned spend analysis and sourcing providers, became a new Lead Sponsor of MetalMiner. Besides sponsoring MetalMiner, however, they're also underwriting some extremely cool programming that I know everyone in our audience will look forward to seeing.

As part of working with Spend Matters and MetalMiner in 2011, Zycus is sponsoring a monthly video series covering commodity market trends (starting later this spring/summer). Every other month on MetalMiner, we'll feature a video series covering ferrous and non-ferrous metal trends, offering commodity analysis, sourcing strategy and commodity forecast insight. Then, on alternating months, we'll cover a broader analysis of the commodity markets -- including but not limited to metals -- in a Kudlow & Cramer style. This will include a discussion of economic analysis tied to sourcing and commodity management, ranging in discussion areas from underlying price trends, ETFs, interest rates, producer prices and consumer confidence. Zycus is also backing a joint MetalMiner/Spend Matters research effort looking at the changing direct materials sourcing landscape through investigating demand aggregation, commodity management strategies and integrating risk and performance management into sourcing.

Zycus is engaging Spend Matters on the video front as well. On a quarterly basis, we'll be discussing qualitative buying and adoption trends of procurement technology aimed at helping practitioners make the best possible decisions as well as educating them on how their own initiatives stack up to others in the market. Our video segments may include, for example, an explanation of ways that companies are currently budgeting for, adopting and rolling out different sourcing, spend analysis, total cost modeling tools, supplier management and related technology deployments. For those who can't tune into the videos or would rather read than watch, we'll be capturing everything from both sites in a PDF transcript as well.

We're thrilled that Zycus is underwriting such a range of programming on MetalMiner and Spend Matters in 2011. By supporting broadcast media video formats across both sites, they're pushing the entire procurement and supply chain media sector in new directions for the benefit of the broader community.

- Jason Busch

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