Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Rising commodity prices = serious consequences.
Man Outraged When Burrito Price Goes Up -- A man walked into Taco Bell and ordered seven Beefy Crunch Burritos. He discovered the price had gone from $.99 to $1.49. The man fired an air gun at an employee and when police chased him, he fired an assault rifle before being subdued with tear gas.

FDA bans some stuff.
F.D.A. Bans Some Food Imports From Japan -- The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it would halt imports of dairy products and produce from the area of Japan where a nuclear reactor is leaking radiation. The F.D.A. said those foods will be detained at entry and would not be sold to the public. The agency previously said it would step up screening of those foods.

Finally, someone's paying attention.
Global supply chain's vulnerability exposed -- In normal times, the humdrum business of shifting widgets from one location to another gets very little attention outside the supply chain management fraternity. But these are not normal times. Japan's terrible earthquake has raised questions about the vulnerability of global supply chains to disruption caused by natural disasters. In China, rising wages have prompted suggestions that manufacturers might shift capacity to other low cost locations, or even back to the west.

An interesting outlook.
Kenyans fear Dakatcha Woodlands biofuel expansion -- Sitting in the shade of a tree beside his thatched mud hut in in Kenya's Dakatcha Woodlands, Joshua Kahindi Pekeshe is defiant. "We are not going to let this land go even if it means shedding blood," he told the BBC.

- Sheena Moore

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