Spend Matters Friday Latte

Basketball lessons from E-Sourcing.
What Do the NCAA Basketball Tournament and eSourcing Have in Common? -- We were recently in a meeting with a large prospect reviewing a successful spend analysis proof of concept (POC) that Iasta was delivering for the company. Part of Iasta's value proposition is building an eSourcing roadmap in our SmartAnalytics reporting tool and recommending new sourcing waves. To our surprise, the company CPO was intimidated by the list of events and auctions that we were suggesting. He said, "After 20 plus years of negotiating with my suppliers, I know them better than anyone, and I'm 100% positive we're getting great pricing."

How is academia so ahead on thinking and so behind on software?
Design and technology classes 'out of date' - Ofsted -- Too many design and technology teachers in England are failing to keep pace with global technological advances, education inspectors have said.

My favorite crappy pizza made supply chain news!
Papa John's Scores a Supply Chain Touchdown -- The Louisville-based nationwide chain -- and official pizza of the Super Bowl -- sold more than 1 million pies to hungry football fans on February 6. That means more than 2 million pounds of cheese and 350,000 pounds of pepperoni were shipped through its 10 distribution centers -- or Quality Control Centers (QCCs) in Papa John lingo. Deliveries covered 300,000 miles of travel, Tony Thompson, president of Papa John's Food Service told the Washington Post in a recent article.

With all the electronic/automotive brouhaha, this is an industry I hadn't considered.
Japanese Town Mulls Future Without Whaling Industry -- They came to what had been the headquarters of Ayukawa Whaling, one of only a handful of companies left in Japan that still hunted large whales. Those who gathered on a chilly recent Thursday spoke as if the company's destruction two weeks ago had robbed the town of its soul.

- Sheena Moore

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