Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Less teachers, more computers.
In City Schools, Tech Spending to Rise Despite Cuts -- Despite sharp drops in state aid, New York City's Department of Education plans to increase its technology spending, including $542 million next year alone that will primarily pay for wiring and other behind-the-wall upgrades to city schools.

Why doesn't anybody in the US rap about procurement?
Rapper becomes Internet hit with diss track about NHS procurement policy -- It could be argued that one flaw in modern rap music is its breadth of topics. We're all used to hearing rappers rapple-on (is that the rap verb?) about having lots of jewellery, being good at rapping, liking rotund-bottomed women and being all tough and stuff. What we hear less of is people rapping about NHS procurement policy.

I will not be partaking in your cloud services, then, Amazon.
Amazon Cloud Player Doesn't Work On iOS -- But It's Not A Flash Issue -- As you may have read by now, earlier tonight, Amazon dropped a bomb on their rivals in the online music space: a fully working cloud storage and playback system. And it's not just working on desktop web browsers, it works on Android devices too. One important place it doesn't work though: iPhones, iPads, iPod touches -- no iOS devices.

Goodbye Caterpillar?
Caterpillar courted by Nebraska to leave Illinois -- Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman is trying to persuade Caterpillar to move the headquarters of its mining and construction equipment business out of Illinois, but at this stage that appears unlikely.

- Sheena Moore

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