April Fool's Gone Too Far?

Earlier today, we published an April Fool's post with the headline: "Ariba to Announce Definitive Agreement to Acquire Emptoris?" Even though our intention was to make the humor, sarcasm, and a bit of satire -- not to mention the April First mention -- apparent in the first sentence, we have taken down the post as a result of inbound calls. One person who contacted our office also suggested the post had "anti-Semitic" overtones with a reference to a Yiddish phrase. Obviously none of this was our intent and Spend Matters readers should be aware we take accusations like this very seriously. This person asked us to apologize to the Jewish community, which we are happy to do (in fact, part of the team here is Jewish and the owners are active in Jewish charities in the Chicago area -- and yes, we know a few words of Yiddish). We are sorry if we offended anyone through this April Fool's post, including the Jewish community. And especially we would like to apologize to Avner Schneur for attributing a quotation to him which was entirely made up by us. Avner, we are very sorry. - The Spend Matters Team

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