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Higher-risk education.
Illinois prepaid tuition program halts all new investments -- The state agency that runs the College Illinois prepaid tuition program is putting all new investments on hold as it confronts mounting questions over its unconventional strategies for the fund that backs the college savings of 55,000 students.

Higher-risk flights.
Cracks similar to those found in damaged Southwest Airlines jet found in 3 other planes -- Three more Southwest Airlines jetliners have small, subsurface cracks that are similar to the cracks suspected of playing a role in the fuselage tear of a Boeing 737-300, causing the aircraft to lose pressure and forcing a frightening emergency landing, officials say.

Higher-risk risk.
Why Risk Must Be Your Best Friend in Today's Business Climate -- Risk is at times fickle, but without it the greatest opportunities will not develop. The farmer sows many seeds knowing that not every seed will grow into full bloom. He accepts that there are circumstances he cannot completely control. Yet he sows as many seeds as his field will hold, because the more he plants, the more he will reap.

Higher-risk dairy.
Got Milk? China Closes Hundreds of Dairy Farms after Tainted Milk Scandal -- The Chinese government said this weekend that it will force the temporary closing of 426 dairy farms after they failed to pass an inspection test. The farms can re-open once they get up to standard. China dairy producers ran into trouble in 2008 when baby formula tainted with industrial chemicals led to the death of a half dozen babies and the hospitalization of over 300,000 infants with kidney ailments that year.

- Sheena Moore

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