Spend Matters Friday Latte

Retail strategy.
Stuff Piled in the Aisle? It's There to Get You to Spend More -- After the recessionary years of shedding inventory and clearing store lanes for a cleaner, appealing look, retailers are reversing course and redesigning their spaces to add clutter.

Manufacturing "handmade."
Untouched By Human Hands -- But there's one characteristic almost all these products share: they're produced on an assembly line, and they're supposed to look like it. Indeed, it's almost impossible to imagine a mainstream store that sold handmade goods for the purpose of daily use by average people. The notion of "handmade" has undergone several revolutions in the past century, its meaning alternating between "precious and artisanal" and "cheap and inferior."

New force of nature!
US atom smasher may have found new force of nature -- Data from a major US atom smasher lab may have revealed a new elementary particle, or potentially a new force of nature that could expand our knowledge of the properties of matter, physicists say.

1,800 monitor lizards seized by Thailand customs -- Lizard meat is valuable and seen as a delicacy in parts of Asia. Global trade in the monitor lizards is banned and they are protected by law in Thailand and Malaysia.

- Sheena Moore

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