Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Congress Details Cuts in 2011 Budget Deal as Votes Nears -- A deal to keep the U.S. government funded for the remainder of fiscal 2011 contains large budget cuts for high-speed rail projects and the Environmental Protection Agency and leaves almost no program immune from the largest spending reductions in the country's history.

How high does it have to go?
Gas Prices Rise, and Economists Seek Tipping Point -- Gas prices are approaching record highs, but so far most Americans do not appear to be drastically cutting back their driving or even their spending as they did in 2008.

Aggregating data.
A Vision for Unifying Access to Data and Documents -- What do we really want when we start using technology for reporting and analysis of data? We want answers to our questions. We want to be able to discover and follow up on new questions that occur to us. We want to be alerted to the events and information that may be important to us. We want everything we need to move from curiosity, through awareness, to get the necessary insight so we can take action.

Good job, India.
India Offers Unexpected Advantages For Women In Business -- Women are acutely underrepresented in near every segment of venture capital, private equity and finance in the U.S. The reasons are well documented and discussed–and cries to increase female representation, achieve gender parity and receive better intra-industry treatment are ongoing and mounting.

- Sheena Moore

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