CombineNet Joins Spend Matters as an Associate Sponsor

Today, we're excited to announce that CombineNet has become an Associate Sponsor of Spend Matters. CombineNet is a company that has fought back in recent years to become one of the top players in a growing and important market niche, not only taking on new investors and new leadership, but also rolling out an entirely new self-service software platform and quickly gaining a double-digit list of marquis customers using it every day in their sourcing processes. In many ways, this software transformation, as well as CombineNet's recent growth, suggests that the market for a next generation of sourcing product is alive and growing at an extremely healthy pace. And it's about time, given the value these approaches bring!

CombineNet positions itself as the "advanced sourcing technology company with over 10 years in delivering exceptional value to Global 2000 organization, offering best-in-class sourcing solution delivered through the CombineNet ASAP (Advanced Sourcing Application Platform)." Their solutions "improve the way organizations source their entire range of spend categories -- from the routine to the largest and most complex. CombineNet's ASAP is an optimization-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps customers deliver the absolute best total cost of goods and services based on their unique business needs."

Spend Matters strongly encourages companies not regularly using optimization and advanced sourcing models today -- or are not using it in a self-service capacity -- to consider companies like CombineNet to augment or replacing first generation e-sourcing products (when it comes not only to building constraints and scenarios, but also the entire data gathering, formula building and expressive feedback process). We're sure that if you know what you're doing with these powerful tools, such an approach will not only change the way you source, but the way you think about structuring negotiations as well as the best means of engaging suppliers, allowing them to come back with creative solutions to complex problems. And all this without ticking them off or damaging relationships in the process.

Whether you're tackling areas such as logistics/freight sourcing, make/buy decisions in manufacturing, temporary/contingent labor, commodity market volatility or a wide range of other challenges, the types of capabilities that CombineNet provides won't only drive savings -- they'll open your mind to an entirely new realm of sourcing possibilities. Please join me in offering a warm welcome to CombineNet on these virtual pages. We're thrilled to have them as a sponsor, and we hope their work with us raises the visibility for a whole new generation of sourcing models and approaches.

Jason Busch

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