Coupa Joins Spend Matters as an Associate Sponsor

I'm very excited to report that Coupa has joined Spend Matters as an Associate Sponsor. Coupa, which pioneered the notion of extremely easy to use e-procurement for the masses -- from middle market organizations to Global 2000 firms -- has branched out into additional areas like T&E as it has built a broader platform that continues to differentiate itself with an outstanding user interface and differentiated features behind the scenes. Perhaps it's no surprise that by Spend Matters' count, Coupa is adding eProcurement customers faster than any other vendor in the market -- including some much larger neighbors in the Bay area. As Coupa has expanded and accelerated its customer acquisition rate, they have succeeded in moving up-market as well and are getting the attention of larger organizations that previously may only have considered the ERPs and Ariba for P2P. Curiously, a number of organizations that Spend Matters has spoken with in recent quarters have opted for Coupa without needing to do the "Feature 500" comparison with others. Rather, the application and its extremely intuitive interface has sold itself.

Coupa positions itself as the "leading provider of cloud spend management (CSM) solutions that help companies control their indirect spending and generate savings that go direct to the bottom line." In their own words, they combine "the best e-procurement and expense management capabilities in a single solution that is easier to use, faster to configure and deploy, and more cost-effective than anything available today." Moreover, Coupa's solutions include "innovations like real-time benchmarking, intelligent expense report auditing, and crowd sourcing great deals on the Web...helping companies spend smarter and save more."

Spend Matters expects that Coupa will continue to expand its solution in coming quarters, capturing an increasing share of the broader P2P market as they introduce new functional tools and modular extensions -- as well as continuing to refine and execute on the core cloud eProcurement platform. As they continue on the journey to becoming a broader force in the global Spend Management market, Coupa will no doubt march to a different beat than many of its enterprise software brethren, especially those that grew up in a CD or enterprise software world and have largely ported their platform and strategy onto the cloud. Here at Spend Matters, most important of all, we hope that Coupa's commitment to rapid innovation without sacrificing a core belief in application elegance and approachability continues. Even though their clever marketing may win them some attention, it's the substance below the surface that has made them what they are.

Please join me in offering a warm welcome to Coupa on Spend Matters.

Jason Busch

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