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The Cloud is still crashed.
Amazon EC2 Day 2: Assessing The Damage -- As many web companies, particularly start-ups, pick up the pieces today and try to assess damage, there are no real answers yet for what happened and why. Amazon has various "availability zones" that are in theory supposed to prevent this kind of outage. If one zone goes down, another still works. But in this case that didn't happen.

One year later.
Rig Owner Faults Cited in Spill Report -- Deepwater Horizon rig owner Transocean Ltd. had serious flaws in its safety management system and a poor safety culture that contributed to last year's deadly explosion that spawned the nation's worst offshore oil spill, according to a Coast Guard report released Friday.

Apple wins. Always.
How Apple blocks its competition -- Apple is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the supply chain for gadgets. It gives buyers what they want faster than its rivals -- and in the process, it sometimes delays the competition's products from coming to market.

Two telecom giants work together.
Telecoms groups team up on procurement --A joint venture, to be established in the fourth quarter of this year, will combine procurement in areas such as network equipment and IT infrastructure. Deutsche Telekom expects to save an annual €400m from 2015 onwards, while France Telecom foresees savings of €900m.

- Sheena Moore

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