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Another disaster anniversary.
Ash cloud passengers still waiting to be compensated -- A year ago this week, flights started returning to normal after the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland forced the closure of much of northern Europe's air space. The cost to airlines and passengers was estimated at more than a billion pounds. Many travellers made claims on their insurance but a year later some companies have yet to pay out in full.

Drivers Feeling Pinched as Price Of Gasoline Rises -- Gasoline prices have risen to the point where some consumers are getting caught with an empty tank. Staffing administrator Joshua Petit said he had spent so much time cruising around in search of gasoline cheaper than the $3.70 a gallon at stations near his northwest Houston office that he spent all his remaining fuel in the effort.

Uh oh, Boeing.
Boeing factory lapse may have caused 737 rupture -- Investigators suspect that a manufacturing lapse at a Boeing Co. factory 15 years ago is why the fuselage of a Southwest Airlines Co. jetliner ruptured in midair, according to government and industry officials.

Ultra recycling.
WSTE Not, Want Not -- A truly sustainable economy would produce no waste: everything would be recycled or reused for some productive purpose. We're a long way from that ideal today, but the rising cost of commodities makes recovering used material through recycling increasingly economic. Further, the rising cost of energy makes converting municipal and industrial waste into advanced biofuels or combusting it to produce electricity an increasingly economic option.

- Sheena Moore

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