Spend Matters UK/Europe Round-Up

Just because the UK enjoyed a long Bank Holiday weekend doesn't mean that fearless Peter didn't continue to soldier through the latest and best in across the pond procurement news. Here's what's up:

What does a "Crown Commercial Representative" do? -- The UK Cabinet Office has announced this afternoon their 7 new 'Crown Commercial Representatives' who will lead in managing the top suppliers to Government. Check out the follow-up post (featuring lots of great reader comments) here: CCRs – a new chapter in Government procurement?.

"Aren't there any more initials you could go for, Mr. Smith?" quoth Peter. David Smith CB – deputy Chief Procurement Officer, CCR and CPO of DWP -- "The appointment by the UK Government of David Smith as John Collington's deputy was unexpected. Smith already has a huge job in the Department of Work and Pensions, with some major challenges."

Procurement outsourcing deals at Thames Water and City of London; will they work? -- "There have been a couple of big procurement outsourcing stories recently. I hesitated to write about the Thames Water contract as I had a small personal interest (see end of post). But I was interested to see Dave Henshall at Purchasing Practice's take on it, as he picked up on the fact that the winning bidder, Efficio, had previously been working at Thames Water, leading a procurement transformation project."

Finally, here are April's music reviews!
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April Music Review- part 2: Low, Foo Fighters, Villagers, Phoenix Foundation

- Sheena Moore

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