Friday Update: A New CEO and Other Changes — Spend Matters Gets Past RSS Adolescence

It's been a busy 2011 so far at Spend Matters. From the growth of our core sites to our first conference to the continued emphasis on new ventures such as Spend Matters UK/Europe, there hasn't been a dull moment in our cramped office. As of Monday, our ragtag team will number eight crew members, including a new addition who will work on researching procurement technology as part of our Compass Series (more on that next week). In addition, Lisa Reisman, who currently edits MetalMiner with Stuart Burns and Taras Berezowsky, will be stepping up to the plate to become CEO of Spend Matters' parent company, Azul Partners. Lisa will have direct oversight of all the media publications in our portfolio, including Spend Matters, but will also continue to contribute to MetalMiner.

Having Lisa step up as CEO will drastically alter our ability to scale our current efforts and launch new initiatives. I will be shifting my focus entirely to Spend Matters, new business ventures (e.g., Spend Matters UK/Europe, Spend Matters Healthcare -- Healthcare Matters -- etc.) and general business development. Having Lisa run the day-to-day will free me up to focus on what I'm best at and what excites me -- writing, thinking, launching new sites/ideas and growing the business.

When it comes to my own agenda, I'll be increasing the time I personally devote to procurement technology research in 2011. We're working off our most packed and broad editorial calendar to date for the 2011/2012 Compass research program (we'll be wrapping up our 2010/2011 Compass series research as well). I think as Spend Matters and our associated ventures continue to grow, staying true to deeply analyzing to technology solutions and their practical applications in our sector will be even more important. I'll likely be joined by a couple of new faces in this effort, but I plan to stay closer than ever to emerging solutions myself.

In addition to focusing on both blog content and research, I'm also gearing up to launch a new venture in the healthcare area this summer. We've got a great partner who will be leading the editorial effort on digging into the healthcare supply chain. We'll be serious but also cheeky and influential in changing a system that needs blowing up. Most important, we'll hold true to our belief that daylight combined with analytical dissection will do a world of wonders for healthcare procurement and operations. We will probably focus more on the ultimate clinical and delivery aspect of healthcare and the procurement/supply chain implications directly tied to this phase (e.g., IDNs, GPOs, etc.)

But we may also opt to move upstream in exploring procurement in pharma, medical device and other areas as we see fit -- especially if it can help drive better patient outcomes and/or reduced costs. Stay tuned for more information on this new site/venture -- as well as the healthcare procurement and supply chain expert who will be leading the effort (this is an individual who combines a great sense of humor, dexterity with his pen, and a personal knowledge of global healthcare procurement at all tiers of the supply chain).

Until this venture launches, the core team will consist of the following individuals:

Lisa Reisman, CEO, Azul Partners; Editor, MetalMiner

Jason Busch, Managing Director, Azul Partners; Editor, Spend Matters

Stuart Burns, Managing Director, Azul Partners; Editor, MetalMiner

Peter Smith, Managing Director, Spend Matters Europe LTD; Editor, Spend Matters UK/Europe

William Busch, VP, Business Development, Azul Partners; Contributor, Spend Matters

Sheena Moore: Editor/Contributor, Spend Matters

Thomas Kase: Lead Analyst/Technology Curmudgeon, Spend Matters

Taras Berezowsky: Editor/Contributor, MetalMiner

Jason Busch

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