Rearden Commerce Joins Spend Matters as an Associate Sponsor

I'm thrilled to announce this morning that Rearden Commerce has joined Spend Matters as an Associate Sponsor (a certain literary subset of Spend Matters readership may wonder why they did not sponsor MetalMiner, but I'll leave it for the peanut gallery to note the reference). Objectivism aside, Rearden, of whom we have long been big fans of for travel and associated personal services procurement, not to mention T&E, recently acquired Ketera (see past coverage here, here, and here), which has given it a much broader P2P platform capability. As Rearden continues to expand its footprint outside of the personal services and hybrid compliance/concierge role it has played in the past, they have the potential to truly upset the existing P2P applications and connectivity environment. Helping them in this audacious endeavor is a channel/distribution network that typical software/SaaS companies would kill for -- a range of giant travel providers and financial services institutions already serving as a channel (sometimes in white-label manner) for their existing solutions.

Rearden Commerce positions itself as "a next generation eCommerce platform company" that "offers Smart Apps, services, content and powerful personalization capabilities that enable relevant and meaningful transactions." Additionally, the network and applications provider, "connects millions of consumers and more than 7,500 business customers across every market segment to more than 160,000 suppliers. Rearden Commerce solutions deliver a new approach to spend management in the travel, procurement and finance sectors. The solutions are distributed globally by over 60 strategic partners including American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Paychex and most leading travel management companies."

Before Rearden expanded its footprint, I previously wrote for those not familiar with the provider that they are "focused on automating personal services procurement (e.g., travel, dining, etc.), simplifying rather than complicating a business user's life. I've always been a fan of what they've been up to and it's probably the closest any vendor has come to making procurement compliance fun -- or at least not a burden -- to actual business users." In a more recent column, I opined that "I still believe that if Rearden plays their cards right, that they could change the face of how the majority of individuals purchase travel and related personal services categories inside companies across North America and beyond. But whether they become the metaphorical miracle metal of procurement now depends as much on their channels as it does on their technology and direct sales efforts." To this last point, I'd also add that their ultimate success will now be dependent on driving an evolution in the market with an even broader platform and strategy, covering greater category, spend and enablement areas.

Please join me in extending a very warm welcome to Rearden Commerce as an Associate Sponsor of Spend Matters!

- Jason Busch

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