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The technology behind Osama's capture.
It Took Both High Tech and Low Tech to Take Down Bin Laden -- It appears that it was a combination of high technology and old school footwork. As Jonathan Landay reports, the operation began several years ago, when al-Qaeda couriers working for bin Laden directly were identified.

Do we now doubt the cloud??
The cloud backlash -- There's no doubt that the recent "partial failure" of the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform is giving enterprises, service providers, and developers pause -- and will continue to do so for months to come. Amazon called the outage "partial" and a "degradation," but it was a very big deal.

There might be piles of $$$ in your attic.
With Silver Soaring, Attics Give Up Small Fortunes -- As investors send prices soaring for not only gold, but now also silver, consumers have been unearthing ancient stashes of silverware, teapots and jewelry from long-discarded beaus, and trading them in at pawn shops or selling them on eBay for cash. More and more cash, in fact, as weeks go by.

- Sheena Moore

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