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Could bin Laden's death affect the global supply chain? -- Citizens of humanity are celebrating around the world following the news U.S. President Barrack Obama announced late last night, that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was reportedly killed in Pakistan. But when this mixture of celebration and relief of bin Laden's death wears off, where will that leave the global supply chain?

China faces finance.
Chinese firms turn to supply chain finance -- How times have changed. Not so long ago awash with liquidity, many mainland China's companies now find themselves operating in a very different environment in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Flanked by liquidity-strapped suppliers on the one side and customers on the other, the upshot has been greater demand for supply chain finance as liquidity conditions bite. In particular, trade finance banks report significant uptake in cross-border supplier finance and cross-border receivables finance solutions.

Brainless procurement is the real problem in housing repairs -- If a tenant decides their house needs a repair, chances are they will have to have it verified by an inspector. No saving there then. If they injure themselves while doing the repair they can claim off the landlord. An additional cost. When the repair is done it may be prudent to have it checked by the landlord to ensure it is up to an acceptable standard. More inspection work. No saving here either.

Peace out, old way.
Ending Dunder Mifflin: A 21st-Century Way To Save America $250 Billion A Year -- Meet Joan Blades, the most famous person you've never heard of and visiting co-author of this column. Joan, with her husband Wes Boyd, created MoveOn.org. They did it in their den in a few days. (No startup funding from George Soros. That's a myth. I've been in their den. No Soros.) Deftly managed by Joan and Wes, MoveOn grew virally to 500,000 members, then a million, and never looked back.

- Sheena Moore

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