Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Sick of manicures and cheap(ish) sushi? Here's a "Groupon" that's useful.
RapidBuyr Offers Daily Deals For The Business World -- The daily deals moshpit has mostly been a consumer affair so far. But it was probably only a matter of time before it leapt over to the business world. And while business customers (like those guys pictured up top--they look ready to spend!) probably won't be looking for massages, martinis, and manicures--at least not without some pretty creative accounting--RapidBuyr CEO Tom Aley thinks there are nevertheless plenty of products that could catch the eyes of procurement managers at small and medium-sized businesses.

Caffeinated coping with commodities.
Cuba blends peas and coffee again in cost-saving move -- Cuba is resuming mixing coffee with roasted peas in a bid to cope with rising international coffee prices, the authorities say. The blend for domestic consumption will help cut costs, given that coffee prices had risen some 69% over the last year, the announcement said.

A BA really is the new high school diploma.
Decline of the working man: Why ever fewer low-skilled American men have jobs -- Of all the big, rich Group of Seven economies, America has the lowest share of "prime age" males in work: just over 80% of those aged between 25 and 54 have a job. In the late 1960s 95% worked.

I'm posting this because I think camels are hilarious.
150m-tall camel menaces tourists in Egypt

- Sheena Moore

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