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Procurement and advertising? Up my alley.
How to Best Work With Procurement -- As Johnson & Johnson's Brian Perkins once famously said, marketing procurement is here, live with it. For the 500 attendees in a packed house at the Association of National Advertisers Financial Management Conference in Phoenix, the question was how to best cohabitate. And the answer seems to be to learn to communicate and collaborate.

An interesting blog.
21st Century Supply Chains Require Demand Driven Rules and Tools -- In order to improve flow and achieve more agility throughout supply chains, we must seriously re-examine the conventional materials planning and execution systems. This is not just about speeding up the antiquated rules and tools that we already have but rather causing a fundamental shift in how companies manage their supply chains.

Everyone is in procurement.
Is buying a profession? -- We send them to buy routine items such as provisions for breakfast daily. In this regard, is buying a profession when everyone can buy? The layman's meaning of buying describes it as acquiring rights or possession using money for payment. Buying in this context is merely exchanging money for goods. Recently words such as purchasing, sourcing and procurement have been used to put weight to the function.

Hey big spenders!
In France, China's Noveau Rich Shop 'Til They Drop -- The Chinese have topped the list of big spenders in France, according to a report by Global Blue, an international couture shopping tourism website. Chinese tourists spend an average of 1,300 euros, or $1,900 a day when shopping at spots like Louis and Givenchy. China retail spending in France rose 60% in 2010 from 2009 levels, according to Global Blue.

- Sheena Moore

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