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Supply chain on The White House Blog.
Helping Small Businesses in the Supply Chain as they Grow and Create Jobs -- Today, I'm traveling with the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in Dayton, Ohio. We are at a small company called Hooven-Dayton that prints the labels for products like Tide and Mr. Clean. Our purpose is to hear from the executives of small companies like these, which are often referred to as "suppliers" because most of their products and services are sold to larger companies.

Takeover Tuesday: Microsoft Shells Out $8.5B For Skype -- The deal is the largest-to-date for the Windows maker, though considerably smaller than its bid for Yahoo! a few years ago, and represents the latest effort by a major U.S. company to use part of its cash stockpile to buy growth.

US-China – marking time -- This round of talks is overshadowed by Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Washington just four months ago, when substantive success was made - in the form of an agreement that Beijing would delink its practices for boosting indigenous innovation from government procurement. So Washington negotiators will exert more energy pushing Beijing to implement that promise than on pressing for new breakthroughs.

- Sheena Moore

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