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New and improved.
USDA Commodity Procurement Division Launches New Website -- "Before the consolidation of commodity procurement operations, visitors to our website had to navigate three separate portals to get information on all of our purchase requirements," said AMS Administrator Rayne Pegg. "This new, simplified site gives customers the ability to respond more quickly to our purchase requests."

FedEx gets healthy.
FedEx targets healthcare supply chain -- The packaging solutions and distribution models are designed to help healthcare companies with freight management as they expand their operations into new global territories.

Supply risk interview with Michael Chagares.
Q&A: Managing Supply Chain Risk with Eyes Wide Open -- Modern global supply chains, in so many ways, mirror complex biological systems. They can be resilient and self-healing, yet at the same time remarkably vulnerable, such as when the clogging of an artery ultimately leads to heart failure. One breakdown begets the next.

Are we really surprised?
Facebook apps leaked users' personal data to advertisers, other third parties, for years -- A Facebook security hole allowed advertisers and other third parties to access user accounts and personal data, according to a blog post today from internet security firm Symantec. They identify the exposure as having been active for as long as Facebook has offered applications on its platform, beginning in 2007-- so, four years.

- Sheena Moore

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