Spend Matters UK Round-Up

Here's the latest from the UK:

You've undoubtedly noticed that we've been cranking out all sorts of new research here in the US, and the same goes for Peter. Check out the new white paper Sourcing Optimisation – Extracting Value from Complexity -- "Maybe because the origins of sourcing optimisation are pretty academic (the founders of Trade Extensions being Maths professors from Sweden for instance), it has been seen as a niche process by many organisations, only applicable in rare cases. Now, while it is true that we're never going to use optimisation for every contracting event, looking at it in that way misses the key point."

IMPORTANT! How do you get people to use new procurement technology, systems, processes? -- "So what can you do as a senior procurement leader with the desire to drive change? The key decision is whether to go for mandate or persuasion. IF you are in a situation where mandate is possible, then that would appear to be the easier option. Just tell people they will change, and take action if they don't." (See Part 2 of this post here.)

Here's this week's Question of the Week: Should the UK Government be pushing outsourcing?

A termination: CIPS and GPA terminate procurement recruitment agreement -- "After five years of running CIPS GPA as the joint venture recruitment arm of the Institute, the two parties have agreed to go their separate ways. GPA will focus on their own brand, still led by the indomitable Gail Pyrah, one of the very best recruitment people I know and indeed officially one of the 'nicest people in procurement.'"

Finally, some MOD news:
MOD "paying £3000 – £5000 a man-day" to procurement consultants appointed without competition?
MOD opens up to Spend Matters on procurement of consultants

- Sheena Moore

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