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Red ink.
Sony Expects Big Net Loss -- Sony Corp. on Monday said it expects to post a $3.2 billion net loss for the just-ended fiscal year, blaming a $4.4 billion write-off on a certain portion of deferred tax assets in Japan, in what would be the company's third straight year of red ink.

Who wants to do a total cost analysis of public vs. private in terms of man hours?
Corporate Chicago's private jet-setters topped by Caterpillar, Abbott -- Ten of the largest publicly traded companies in Illinois made at least 550 flights in their corporate jets over the previous four years, according to a Federal Aviation Administration database made available by the Wall Street Journal.

Redefining roles.
The changing world of procurement -- Just type 'procurement' into a search engine and see the results. What was once a humble back office function has become a hot topic for CFOs, board directors, government ministers and media commentators. But how far have we really progressed? I would argue that only when procurement is treated as a key strategic support function at the heart of every business will its full potential be realised.

CSR watch.
Not doing harm is no longer enough – companies must actively do good -- Consumers love iconic brands. So do campaigners. That's a problem for companies when it comes to managing their reputations. Advocacy groups have nothing like the marketing budgets of today's mega-brands. So how do they get their message out? They leverage off the back of the big guns.

- Sheena Moore

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