Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Sticker shock.
The $1 Trillion Fighter-Jet Fleet -- A new Pentagon forecast showing the total cost of owning and operating a fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters topping $1 trillion over more than 50 years has caused a case of sticker shock in Washington. And that price tag doesn't even include the $385 billion the Defense Department will spend to purchase 2,500 of the stealthy planes through 2035.

Personal purchasing.
Project Slice Organizes Your Online Shopping -- A new company, Project Slice, seeks to help people organize their online purchases. The company scans emailed receipts and then organize them on the Slice website. People can then see when items are scheduled to be delivered, as well as information about when warranties expire and how long they have to return an item.

How much does a sick day cost?
Civil service sick days cost taxpayer £22m -- The finance minister has hit out at civil service workers who "betray their own colleagues" after new figures show that sickness rates are costing the taxpayer £22.9m a year. Sammy Wilson said the huge cost was "unacceptable in a time of austerity". He hit out at those who take sick leave when they are healthy.

You'd think that London could revamp the "austerity Olympics" for 2012 (plus this has to do with rowing, yay!)
BBC One drama set during 1948 'austerity Olympics' -- Bert and Dickie, written by William Ivory is set in the run-up to the "austerity Games" held three years after the war, and tells the story of Bertram Bushnell and Richard Burnell.

- Sheena Moore

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