A Sad End to the Corporate Challenge

BravoSolution was kind enough to invite me onto their Corporate Challenge team for a 3.5 mile race last night around downtown Chicago (an event that raised a small fortune for the local food depository). I had a blast -- and had no idea Bravo's Mark Gill was so fast -- but was sad to learn one of our fellow racers died of what was most likely a heart attack during the race. For all those doing these races or longer ones, please do yourself a favor and get a stress test on your heart. I've heard of way too many people over the years that looked healthy, acted healthy and suddenly dropped dead, often during sports activity.

Another loss this month, not during the race, was a member of the BravoSolution community: Rob Callan. Rob was an awesome guy, a distinguished Veteran (Navy Officer), and a real sourcing expert. He leaves behind a young family and many who cared about him. As you think about the sacrifice that others made for this country to make continued freedom possible during the Memorial Day weekend, please keep Rob and his family in your thoughts and prayers. And if you decide to go do something crazy like a race, please, for the sake of your family, friends and colleagues, get yourself checked out first, even if you feel great and look great.

Jason Busch

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