Memorial Day — Remembering Those Who Spent With More Than Their Wallets

Spend Matters is closed in observation of Memorial Day (although we do have a great human interest post going up in a few hours looking at the history of military procurement and logistics, both "then and now"). For those who treat this day as just an excuse for a long weekend or the official start of summer -- including the ability to wear linen and seersucker without having preppy snobs turn up their nose at you, or to order a G&T or Pimm's without ridicule -- you're missing out on the greater meaning of Memorial Day.

Indeed, this Monday is about more than a day off and the start of the acceptability of wearing wrinkly clothes and summer drinks. It's about honoring the service of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country, and in my interpretation, all the others who have served and continue to serve as well. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of troops contributing to the efforts in the Middle East and Afghanistan -- and other areas of the world, without recognition, but with all the risk that goes with conflict -- who put their lives on the line to defend all that we believe in as a people and nation.

Think about them today and the sacrifice they make for us every day. As a related aside, I particularly like how United Airlines is now letting troops board ahead of even elite flyers, as they did on a recent flight. The mere statement over the loudspeaker at the airport before boarding no doubt made over a hundred of those waiting to get on that flight think about the notion of sacrifice and duty. I just hope that we keep the memory of those who served us in the past as well as those who keep us safe today in mind more often than just when boarding flights or enjoying a long weekend with the family.

Jason Busch

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