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Quite a statement -- is it true?
Japan Appears Dispensable as a Supplier -- Maybe Japan is not as crucial to the global supply chain as those first weeks after the earthquake made it seem.

Hundreds sick, scores dead and we still don't know the cause?
Mothers Beware of False Food "Traceability" Claims, Nationally Recognized Food Safety Expert Says -- An outbreak of a dangerous strain of Escherichia coli bacteria in Germany has already killed 15 people and made 1,000 more ill. Early evidence by German researchers linked the outbreak to cucumbers imported from farms in Spain, a claim officials in Spain dispute.

Later, petroleum.
Tanker Orders Foresee Shift To Natural Gas -- A surge in orders for liquified natural gas tankers foresees a future less dependent on petroleum--a future in which the United States could become a fossil-fuel exporter, particularly to countries like Japan and Germany that turn their backs on nuclear power.

High-tech medical exam cheating alleged -- Two B.C. men are facing criminal charges for allegedly attempting a high-tech scam to cheat on a medical school entrance exam using secret cameras, wireless transmitters and three tutors, who at first did not realize they were being duped.

A must-read for tech lovers (and Jonathan Franzen lovers).
Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts. -- Let me further point out how ubiquitously the word "sexy" is used to describe late-model gadgets; and how the extremely cool things that we can do now with these gadgets -- like impelling them to action with voice commands, or doing that spreading-the-fingers iPhone thing that makes images get bigger -- would have looked, to people a hundred years ago, like a magician's incantations, a magician's hand gestures; and how, when we want to describe an erotic relationship that's working perfectly, we speak, indeed, of magic.

- Sheena Moore

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