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Court Orders American Airlines To Work With Orbitz, Shares In Website Surge -- American (owned by parent AMR Corporation) had removed its information from the website in December while it disputed the terms that it shares with the global distribution systems that currently act as the distributors for flight data of more than 90% of flights bought by consumers in the U.S.

Worldwide slow-down.
Analysis: Japan effect can't fully explain global soft patch -- Japan's hit to the global supply chain is not the only culprit behind a remarkably synchronized worldwide economic slowdown, casting doubt on predictions of a rapid rebound. Manufacturing surveys on Wednesday showed the pace of factory activity in May slackened just about everywhere except Switzerland, undershooting economists' forecasts.

So they're back at it, eh?
Google Mail Hack Blamed on China -- Google Inc. said Chinese hackers targeted the email accounts of senior U.S. officials and hundreds of other prominent people in a fresh computer attack certain to intensify growing concern about the security of the Internet. The victims, including government and military personnel, Asian officials, Chinese activists and journalists, were tricked into sharing their Gmail passwords with "bad actors" based in China, Google said in an unusual blog post. The attack's goal was to read and forward the victims' email.

Speaking of that post I wrote on Memorial Day...
Could Defense Contracting Reforms Have Prevented Procurement Messes? -- New testimony from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) argues that the answer may be yes, at least to the extent that reforms gave Congress more tools to conduct oversight. For example, had Congress's requirement for the Navy to construct 30-year shipbuilding plans been in place in the 90s, the Navy might have recognized that attack submarine procurement was too slow to be sustainable.

- Sheena Moore

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