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Iasta webinar tomorrow!
Building Blocks to Achieve Sourcing Credibility: Gain Fortune 500 Value with Mid-Market Resources -- *Note: we'll be featuring a write-up on Mickey's excellent performance at the recent BravoSolution event in the coming weeks...! Looking for ways to increase Procurement's influence and credibility within your organization? Interested in tactics that encourage business units to tap into Sourcing's expertise in the beginning rather at the end of a project? Iasta's upcoming webcast featuring Analyst Firm Gartner, "Building Blocks to Achieve Sourcing Credibility: Gain Fortune 500 Value with Mid-Market Resources" will discuss how you can reach sourcing excellence by developing a strategic environment that provides enablement, visibility and control to make data-driven decisions aligned with corporate goals. Click here to register.

Now that's office spend management.
Japanese workers urged to dress down to save electricity -- Japan's government wants the country's office workers to shed their suits in an attempt to use less energy on air conditioning systems this summer.

3-D printing.
3D printing in quality assurance for complex supply chains -- On the i.materialise blog, a fascinating post on the way that 3D printing revolutionizes quality assurance in the automotive industry, where a chain of suppliers produce little widgets that go in bigger widgets that go in bigger widgets that go in cars. If one of those suppliers starts making stuff that's bigger or smaller than advertised, the whole system goes blooie. Previously, machined aluminum relief-molds were used to check parts (at great expense); now custom 3D printed objects are used to verify parts as they move though the manufacturing process.

Speaking of Japan...
Japan's Exporters Test for Radiation --Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis, many global consumers have equated "Made in Japan" with "potentially radioactive," hurting business across the country. That has fueled a boom in demand for radiation-testing equipment from exporters, such as Toyota Motor Corp. and Fujitsu Ltd., seeking to reassure overseas clients that their cars, computers and other products are safe.

Oh really...
KPMG Plaintiff Claims Salary Cut Because She "Had a Nice Engagement Ring" -- [lead plaintiff'] Kassman claims she was told that KPMG cut her base salary by $20,000 while she was on maternity leave in 2003 because she was paid "too much." When she asked her male supervisor how she could get that salary back, Kassman claims the supervisor said she did not need the money because she "ha[d] a nice engagement ring.

- Sheena Moore

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