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New paper from BravoSolution authored by Sean Devine!
Collaborative Sourcing Lessons: Inspired by Warren Buffett -- This article, authored by Sean Devine, is not a "how to" about collaborative sourcing and its related technologies. There are plenty of user manuals, case studies, textbooks and consultants to whom you can turn for tactical help. This article is meant to provide insight and inspiration to professionals that want to be part of win-win negotiations by studying a transaction that is often mistaken as win-lose. Once you can see opportunities for win-win negotiations, you'll also see the need for more advanced processes and technologies to aid in the situations that need more than just your personal capabilities...

Friday long-form journalism: with charts and graphs.
The Easiest Way to Understand Why We Can't Create Jobs -- For the second straight summer, the U.S. recovery hit a wall. Unemployment is on the wrong side of 9 percent. The velocity of job creation is one-third of the pace we need to keep up with our growing population. To understand why, let's start at square one: Where do jobs come from?

Still wary of "the cloud"?
Spotlight: Procurement cautious despite evolution of cloud technology -- Earlier this week Apple finally outstretched their arms and embraced 'the cloud', in a move that some analysts believe could prove highly significant in the technology's evolution. With the world watching, Steve Jobs (pictured) - who returned from medical level for the announcement - took to the stage and outlined how Apple's iCloud would revolutionise the way that individuals and businesses used the company's products.

A Saab story.
Saab Halts Production Again -- Production at Saab Automobile was halted for a third consecutive day Thursday and owner Spyker Cars NV warned of continued delays as it works out new contracts with suppliers, raising fresh fears about the future of the Swedish car maker. Saab Auto's output was suspended for two months after Spyker ran out of money to pay suppliers, but production restarted at the end of May when Chinese car distributor Pang Da Automobile Trade Co. Ltd. bought 1,300 Saab cars for cash. Spyker had warned that the production restart would be disrupted because its supply chain is complicated and international, but some suppliers said Thursday the latest shutdown raises new concerns over Saab's financial future.

- Sheena Moore

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