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Harvard Business School Changes Its Class Profile -- Harvard Business School's incoming class will have a substantially smaller percentage of finance professionals than in previous years. Instead, a higher number of students will have manufacturing and technology backgrounds. According to preliminary figures from Harvard's admissions department, about 25% of the 919 students in the class of 2013 are from finance industries-- including private equity, banking and venture capital--compared with 32% last year.

Give me literary references to teach supply chain lessons any day.
The Catch-22 of Supply Chain Risk Management -- "There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind." If you were crazy, you could be grounded, all you had to do was ask; but as soon you did, you would no longer be crazy and you would have to fly more missions." But all of these things that make for a lean and mean supply chain can also cause a supply chain to become brittle and break in the face of disasters.

Atlanta's Department of Procurement will change policy after CBS Atlanta News Investigation -- CBS Atlanta's Jennifer Mayerle uncovered a five minute search on the Internet could have saved the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department from buying more than 18,000 counterfeit smoke detectors. The exclusive investigation led to the recall. And it prompted an internal investigation in the Department of Procurement.

Data, analytics...and dating.
Better Dating Through Data -- "A lot of other dating sites are based on psychology," Yagan said. "The fundamental premise of a site like eHarmony is that they know the answer. Our approach to dating isn't that there's some psychological theory that will be the answer to all your problems. We think that dating is a problem to be solved using data and analytics. There is no magic formula that can help everyone to find love. Instead, we bring value by building a decent-sized platform that allows people to provide information that helps us to customize a match algorithm to each person's needs."

- Sheena Moore

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