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Debating whether to fly or drive for your vacation this summer??
Fly or Drive Calculator -- Take five minutes to go play with this awesome calculator. I know I did.

Goodbye, squeaky party voice 🙁
World Helium Supply Could Be Gone in 30 Years -- We'd hate to burst anybody's balloon, but the world is quickly running out of helium. The dwindling supply of the inert gas has been a growing concern since the mid 2000s. Now a group of scientists tells the Independent that the world's supply could be gone completely in less than 30 years. The problem is twofold. First, helium is a non-renewable resource, mainly collected from the very slow decay of radioactive elements - and we're using it much faster than it's being created.

Hershey's up to no good?
Hershey accused of using child labour in cocoa supply chain -- Hershey has been targeted by US protestors who accuse the confectionary company of failing to eliminate "exploitative child labour" from its cocoa production supply chain. The company's store in Times Square, New York, has been picketed by a group of "hundreds" of students and "concerned consumers", it has been reported.

Mattel "addresses the issue."
After Greenpeace barrage, Mattel takes up sustainable procurement -- Anyone who covers corporate sustainability issues will have noticed that Mattel, parent of the perennial Barbie brand, has been the latest unlucky target of Greenpeace, which has been pounding on the toy maker for what it views as procurement policies that encourage deforestation. What you might not have noticed is that late last week, the company issued a statement proclaiming that it will develop a sustainable procurement policy specifically focused on addressing that issue.

- Sheena Moore

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