Spend Matters UK/Europe Round-Up

'Job'* opportunity! -- We think initially, 1-2 posts a day would be fine, which could be perhaps 50% posts written by Jason or I for the current sites translated into German/French, plus 50% based on local procurement news or indeed other interests that our collaborator might have. We may also task our colleague to translate some of those into English for use here or on the US site.

Measuring procurement savings; $300 billion saved or $72 billion spent? -- The difficulties of measuring procurement 'savings' are a favourite topic of ours, and there's a long record in the UK and elsewhere of both private sector organisations and (perhaps even more so) public bodies 'bigging up' their savings in order to look good. But retiring US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has made the biggest claim I've ever seen claim so far and, perhaps, also the biggest gap between a reported 'saving' and reality - a small matter of $372 billion!

Peter's take on the whole 'Barbie ruining the environment' thing -- As we said in our previous posts, we would argue that you need to take sustainable procurement actions based on what will benefit your organisation. It seems to us that not destroying the rain forests for the sake of slightly cheaper paper or board MUST be a sensible thing for any firm; you would like to think that a few parents would think twice about buying Barbie if they have the image of ravaged rainforests in their heads.

Drewry and Trade Extensions partner to benefit shipping clients -- Now in another interesting move down the same track, Drewry Supply Chain Advisors and Trade Extensions have announced a strategic alliance, "to bring leading edge sourcing technology and unprecedented market expertise to companies buying international sea freight from multiple carriers. The alliance will see Trade Extensions and Drewry support shippers in sea freight procurement and any associated rail, road and barge inland transport in a maritime-intensive supply chain."

Duncan Jones of Forrester on a Microsoft opportunity for buyers -- Duncan Jones is Forrester's Principal Analyst and guru in the field of procurement technology and software, and is highly respected by pretty much everyone – even Jason Busch thinks Duncan knows what he's talking about! He's written a very interesting and, more to the point, potentially valuable piece about the opportunities if you're negotiating with Microsoft at the moment.The title sums it up very clearly -- The Next Three Weeks Are Very Important To Microsoft, And That Gives Buyers Leverage

Peter's restaurant reviews are as charming as his album reviews! -- We're not going to become food bloggers here; the concept of taking photos of my Scallops before eating them seems a bit weird.. but as a change from our weekend music musings, we have a restaurant feature today.

- Sheena Moore

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