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Would you like a receipt?
The Effects of a Tax Receipt -- It is true that Americans do not always have an accurate understanding about how the federal government spends its money. They dramatically overestimate spending on foreign aid, to choose perhaps the most glaring example. Does getting "the facts" through a tax receipt change how they think about taxation or the federal budget?

Take ten minutes to perfect your "elevator pitch," Peter suggests.
What's your procurement elevator pitch? -- This applies whether you're the junior buyer, the senior category management, or the Global VP and CPO. You meet the boss today – in the lift, in the Gents / Ladies, in the canteen.
And they say, "so what are you up to at the moment"? Are you ready? Do you have your 30-second elevator pitch* ready? Does it strike the right balance between humility and confidence, between aspiration and achievement? Does it leave the boss thinking, "goodness me, that individual/procurement function is really aligned with and contributing to my personal and our corporate objectives"?

Wow! Glad I moved to Illinois!
County Taxpayers Owe $108 Billion Toward Local Debt -- Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas released numbers yesterday that showed Cook County taxpayers owe a cumulative $108 billion in local debt. The average debt load for a Chicago household to the county is $63,525; households in the county suburbs average $32,901.

I still play vinyl on a mid-1970's Thorens turntable, so this is like flying cars to me.
The Cloud That Ate Your Music -- Recent weeks have been filled with announcements about music taking residence in the cloud, the poetic name for online storage and software that promises to make lifetimes worth of songs available to anyone, anywhere, as long as those people and places have Internet connections. (Which of course is a long way from everyone, everywhere, but utopian tech dreams tend to ignore mere hardware.)

- Sheena Moore

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