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What if you lose your phone?
New Technology: Pay Without Your Wallet -- Presently, there are two technologies that allow us to rid ourselves of our wallets. The first is Google Wallet. If it works out the way Google is hoping that it will, your phone will store your credit cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, pictures of your family and your shopping list. Using a little known technology called near field communication (NFC), all we'll have to do is get our phone out, enter a password, position our phone within four centimeters from the payment pad, push another button or two, and you're done.

Why is this continually such a hard lesson to learn?
Why spending better trumps spending less -- In 2011, 'cost reduction' is the public sector's most repeated catchphrase. Yours would be too if you had to find massive savings in capital outlay and revenue spending to help streamline the UK's struggling public finances. But amid the scramble for savings – £5bn demanded in 2010/11 alone – there is a growing belief that the public sector is actually saddling itself with a massive false economy by failing to innovate.

Take a 15-min survey for Procurement Leaders and SAP.
Contribute to a key procurement study -- Procurement Leaders and SAP have teamed up to develop an in-depth study designed to provide key insight into the current and future state of procurement. The research project follows on from a similar study last year, the results of which provided a fascinating - and at times surprising - analysis of our profession. That study revealed some excellent insight about the structure of successful procurement functions and how they were increasing their strategic influence on their organisations.

This is the best (and NERDIEST) thing ever.
'Tau day' marked by opponents of maths constant pi -- The mathematical constant pi is under threat from a group of detractors who will be marking "Tau Day" on Tuesday. Tau Day revellers suggest a constant called tau should take its place: twice as large as pi, or about 6.28 - hence the 28 June celebration.

- Sheena Moore

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