Supplier Enablement and P2P Roadblocks — Catalog and Content Management (Part 2)

This is a post of within a broader series looking at supplier enablement and P2P roadblocks. The material is based in part on our recent research paper: A Foundational Look at P2P Technologies. The paper can be downloaded for free via the above link.

Are you a good candidate for a separate catalog and content management solution for eProcurement and P2P implementations? Find out by reading Part 1 of this post. If it turns out you need a supplemental solution in this area, there are numerous vendors to consider for catalog and content management support. Our research suggests that from a catalog standpoint, jCatalog has been among the most innovative in recent years and continues to invest heavily in its solution, plus they possess a strong list of reference clients in SAP environments. Vinimaya takes a highly differentiated approach that has solid penetration in the Oracle user base and is increasingly gaining traction in the SAP and Ariba bases. Vinimaya (see our recent post series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4), has also expanded its offering into compliance and analysis, broadening the value proposition for catalog and content management toolsets.

Vertical specialists such as SciQuest, Science Warehouse, and Unimarket have targeted experience and focused capabilities in areas such as life sciences, research and higher education. Among these providers, SciQuest also does more than simply provide a catalog and content management toolset. They also actively curate and manage supplier content on behalf of their customers, playing a policing role with suppliers to make sure their information is kept up to date, has the most relevant content for buying organizations (e.g., pictures, descriptions, etc.) and has current pricing reflected in actual contracts.

Other content and catalog management providers include Ariba, Enporion, Ketera, Hubwoo, Perfect, and Requisite. Ariba delivers its catalog and content management capabilities almost entirely in the context of its own P2P solution delivery -- not as an adjunct that customers buy separately. However, Ariba did attempt to sell this solution independently as a means to gain a foothold in earlier SAP SRM (e.g., 3.0) implementations a number of years ago. Hubwoo sells its solution actively today, competing largely against jCatalog in SAP shops. Perfect resells jCatalog's solutions bundled around its own expertise and enabling capabilities. And Ketera still maintains the IP to capabilities it acquired in this area going back almost a decade (although it leverages nearly entirely with their own customer set vs. selling separately). Requisite and Enporion are not often seen in deals anymore in this area.

Jason Busch

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