Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Mmm Mmm Sad.
Campbell Focuses on Supply Chain, Readies Pink Slips for 700-Plus -- In an economic environment in which everyone is looking to job growth as a long-sought harbinger of recovery, manufacturer Campbell Soup is taking the opposite tack, announcing this week a new supply chain management initiative that will reduce its payroll by more than 700 positions.

What does your org chart look like?
The Org Charts Of All The Major Tech Companies -- Here is a funny take on how all the biggest tech companies are organized from designer Manu Cornet, via Foursquare product chief Alex Rainert. Rainert notes on Tumblr, "These are really great though I imagine there's a bit more centralized gravitational pull at Facebook than this one suggests."

Higher Education: by the spend numbers.
What's the Most Expensive College? The Least? Education Dept. Puts It All Online -- Students and families can compare colleges' tuitions, the pace at which they are rising and the net cost of attending each college on a new Web site the Department of Education made public on Thursday, fulfilling a legislative mandate. The new lists, required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, show the institutions with the highest and lowest tuitions, the highest and lowest percentage tuition increases over the last two years, and the highest and lowest net price -- that is, the actual price full-time students pay, including room and board, after financial aid like grants and scholarships are taken into account.

Mind. Is. Blown.
'Monster' driving cosmic beacon -- Astronomers have spied a monster black hole - the brightest object yet seen in the early Universe. Detected by a UK telescope in Hawaii, the hole is seen as it was a mere 770 million years after the Big Bang. This means its light has taken an astonishing 12.9 billion years to reach us here on Earth.

- Sheena Moore

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