Friday Wedding: Taras is Gettin' Hitched Today!

Taras Berezowsky, esteemed MetalMiner (and sometimes Spend Matters contributor), is marrying his long-time college sweetheart Emily this evening in Michigan.

Getting to and from the wedding actually sparked an interesting spend-related debate within the office. To fly, or to drive? I featured's nifty little "Fly or Drive?" gadget in Afternoon Coffee awhile back, and here's what the math looked like:

Flying, door to door: 3 hours, 56 minutes, around $586.72

Driving, door to door: 4 hours 44 minutes, around $155.20

The calculator seemingly takes everything into account: baggage fees, transportation to and from the airport, wear and tear, mileage per gallon, and even your carbon footprint. "But what about opportunity cost?" Lisa asked, as we looked at the numbers. "Jason and I can get at least two hours of work done at the airport and on a plane, versus one of us having to drive." It's a good point: Jason and Lisa, whose collective work time is critical to the growth and maintenance of the business, might actually save money by flying based on the work they produce during the trip. And besides, the way Jason drives when he escapes his family truckster, a beat up old Odyssey, and gets to drive his work car, an X5, on the open road, he's also likely to avoid a ticket as well. Gotta factor that one in. "Always another way to skin a cat," Lisa said. "Just when you think you can quantify everything with a calculator, there's always a caveat." Needless to say, they're flying.

Spend (and time) management aside, we at Spend Matters and MetalMiner couldn't be more thrilled for Taras and Emily. We wish them a beautiful wedding, exciting honeymoon in Iceland, and wonderful life together back in Chicago. Now where's that champagne ...

- Sheena Moore

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