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An interesting debate (with a "test your disaster plan" lesson in there somewhere).
United Continental Pilots Split on Training Simulators -- The disagreement within United Continental revolves around using fixed-base simulators--which don't mimic the movements of planes in flight--rather than full-motion devices to conduct certain types of mandatory, recurrent pilot training. A decade ago, Continental received Federal Aviation Administration regulatory approval to use such devices, costing roughly one-third less than full-motion simulators, during the last phase of periodic proficiency checks for pilots flying its Boeing Co. 777 fleet. Continental was moving to expand the practice to its Boeing 737 pilots before last year's merger agreement with United shifted the combined airlines' focus to integrating all FAA paperwork.

Super procurement!
Procurement - what is the true cost? -- Over the last decade it has been increasingly difficult for smaller or specialist agencies to make any headway with the UK's biggest brands, as the age of the super procurement team has arrived. Procurement divisions were set up initially to save money and streamline the supply chain but it could be argued this leaves the larger agencies on the roster with all the power, but what is the true cost? One size doesn't fit all and there is certainly a place for smaller and specialist agencies to be in the mix. By not even considering them surely creativity, and in some instances effective solutions, are being missed.

Japan's factory output rebounds as conditions improve -- Japan's factory output rose at a faster-than-expected pace in May as the economy continued to recover from March's earthquake and tsunami. Japan's industrial output jumped by 5.7% in May, compared with the previous month, the latest government data showed.

I know it's the 5th now, but too cool not to post.
Wide Angle Camera Mounted on a Firework

- Sheena Moore

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