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On the up and up?
Ahead of the Bell: Factory Orders -- Businesses likely increased their orders for manufactured goods in May, evidence that supply chain interruptions stemming from Japan's earthquake are fading and the economy could pick up soon. Economists forecast that orders to U.S. factories rose 0.9 percent in May, after falling 1.2 percent in April.

Cutting class.
As Budgets Are Trimmed, Time in Class Is Shortened -- After several years of state and local budget cuts, thousands of school districts across the nation are gutting summer-school programs, cramming classes into four-day weeks or lopping days off the school year, even though virtually everyone involved in education agrees that American students need more instruction time.

Video games CAN apparently teach us worthwhile skills.
Lessons in Managing Information Flow By Stopping Sheep-stealing Aliens -- What's important here is that many of behaviors and skills we learn in online communications were founded even at times before complicated user interfaces, mobile devices and extensive networks. For example, in my last book, I refer to Joi Ito's talk at Web 2.0 Summit several years ago where he talked how to organize a combat quest within the game of World of Warcraft, where an entire group of people (a guild) would work in concert to achieve the goal without extensive planning. The job of the leader here is to orchestrate the activity and providing input for future quests.

Raising the rent.
Rise of World Trade Center Spurs a Retail Revival -- Average asking rents in the financial district corridor along Broadway from Battery Park to Chambers Street rose 36 percent to $184 a square foot since spring 2010, with much of that gain taking place since last fall, according to a report issued by the Real Estate Board of New York.

- Sheena Moore

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