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How will we procure trash gossip going forward?!?
News of the World shuts down amid hacking scandal -- In a stunning move, Rupert Murdoch's media empire announced Thursday it was shutting down the News of the World tabloid, Britain's bestselling Sunday newspaper, because of an alleged phone hacking scandal that has triggered a major public backlash here. James Murdoch, a senior executive at his father's News Corp., said Sunday's edition of the News of the World would be its last. In a statement, he said the company accepted responsibility for the distress inflicted by the phone hacking allegations and the paper's breach of journalistic ethics.

From the ocean floor: diary of your lost stuff.
Under the sea: Life on a lost shipping container -- In 2004, on a trip from San Francisco to the Port of Los Angeles, the shipping vessel Med Taipei hit a patch of bad weather. Like all shipping vessels, Med Taipei was loaded down with 40-foot-long metal containers--the moving boxes that bring us stuff from all over the world and deliver our exports to other countries. In the storm, 24 of these containers fell off the Med Taipei and into the ocean. That's not a particularly rare event. Thousands of shipping containers are lost every year, in much the same way, says Andrew DeVogelaere, Ph.D., research coordinator for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. What makes this story remarkable is that one of the lost shipping containers was eventually found.

Help Wanted.
Unknotting the supply chain to build support for workers' rights -- Help Wanted is the culmination of Verité's years of work on human trafficking mixed with an effort to specifically engage the disparate groups involved in a supply chain, including companies, labor brokers, suppliers to brands, government officials, unions and NGOs, to get their perspective of the problem and potential solutions to address it. One of the key pieces of Help Wanted is a toolkit that has resources for every one of those players. In addition to brands, suppliers and governments, the toolkit has a section each for advocates, investors, auditors and multi-stakeholders.

Bringing the iPhone to China?
Apple May Be About To Unlock 611 Million Potential Customers -- A deal with China Mobile would give Apple access to 68% of of China's wireless market, Brian White at Ticonderoga Securities wrote in a note to investors Friday. China Mobile, the world's largest wireless carrier, has 611 million subscribers.

- Sheena Moore

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