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An Olympic uh-oh.
Olympic tickets overcharging glitch hits hundreds -- About 700 people have been charged twice for Olympic tickets, the BBC has learned. The glitch affected people who bought London 2012 tickets in the first phase of the "second chance" sale. Ticketmaster, the company that has been managing the Olympic ticket process, was alerted to the error when contacted by customers.

Social Security launches a new social benefits calculator. I better start saving now.
How the Retirement Estimator Works -- The Retirement Estimator gives estimates based on your actual Social Security earnings record. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates.

A procurement prankster.
Antics no laughing matter, HISD says -- The Houston Independent School District's procurement manager was soliciting a mail-order bride for a co-worker and committing another office prank while old inventory was piling up under his watch, according to HISD documents. Two internal HISD investigations concluded that Stephen Pottinger harassed two of his employees, and one of the reports questioned why obsolete supplies that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars lingered in the district's warehouse.

It's coming down to this now? Sigh.
Katango Helps You Manage Your Facebook Friends -- Yee Lee has about 500 Facebook friends. Some are former co-workers, a few are close family and friends. In a June 28th interview, he told me he was excited about some new pictures he took of his young son and wanted to post them on Facebook, but he didn't want to share such private photos with all 500 of his Facebook friends – just specific groups of them.

- Sheena Moore

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