New Editorial Leadership at Supply and Demand Chain Executive, Exciting Chapter for Former Editor

I've long respected Andrew Reese, the former Editor in Chief of Supply and Demand Chain Executive. Andrew recently left Supply and Demand Chain Executive after spending a decade covering the broader supply chain and procurement sectors. In that time, I saw Andy transform himself from a generalist journalist to someone who not only knew his stuff, but was also passionate about the key areas he covered. I first learned of Andy when I was at FreeMarkets, and looked forward to reading his publication's dispatches on our firm. Flash forward a decade and after catching a Sox game together in 2010, I heard Andy speak at Corporate United's Synergy event on CSR reporting requirements and standards.

Compared with Andy, I never heard anyone who could explain the following regulations with such ease: "EU RoHS/WEEE, EU RoHS version 2, RoHS variants (Calif, China, other), EU REACH, Toxic Substances Control Act, Canada Chemical Management Plan/Health Canada, Non-Government Org (NGO) lists (e.g. ChemSec SIN list), Stockholm Persistent Organic Pollutants (PoPS)." And that's just a small part of what's in my notes from his talk that day! By this point, Andy had ceased to be a journalist (or analyst). He was an expert.

Even in 2010, Andy was partnered and working with his next employer, IHS, where he recently became a senior marketing and product management geek (not his real title, but essentially he's gone over to the marketing and products side of the solution provider/vendor of the market, much as Tim Minahan did when he left Purchasing and Aberdeen for Procuri). I have no doubt Andy will be phenomenal on the vendor side, but I hope he does not give up sharing his ideas either through a blog or another form of thought leadership. For the rest of us, however, the good news is that he's left SDCEXEC in more than capable hands. Barry Hochfelder, who previously was a full-time editor and contributor to the publication and site, will be taking over Andy's former role as Editor in Chief.

I met Barry at a MetalMiner/Spend Matters event earlier this year and found him to be personable, knowledgeable and curious about the sector. He's also Chicago-based, which I hope gives solutions providers further incentive to make trips to this part of the world vs. just the analysts in Boston. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what happens to the publication under Barry's dexterous multi-tier supply chain pen and watchful editorial eye. No doubt, this sector can use as much coverage and editorial insight as it can muster! Please join me in wishing both Barry and Andy the best of luck in their new endeavors.

Jason Busch

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