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Fighting to the debt.
Obama says he'll risk job for debt deal -- Amid new warnings and fresh signs of strain, President Obama and congressional leaders are entering a perilous debt-limit endgame. The president, declaring "enough is enough," is demanding that budget negotiators find common ground by week's end even as the Senate's top Republican gained followers for his own last-ditch scheme to avoid a government default. The continuing impasse was unsettling Wall Street, which up to now had performed as if an increase in the debt ceiling was not in doubt. And the looming Aug. 2 cutoff for action was creating new tensions between the president and Republican leaders.

Bacon = inflation in China?
Pork Prices and Inflation -- Are rising pork prices causing inflation in China? That question may never be asked in a highly developed economy like the United States where increases in prices at the gas pump are felt most directly by consumers, but it is a question that is being asked frequently these days in China where food is such an important part of the budget for most.

Disaster planning.
Boeing mulling new supplier system in case of natural disaster -- March's quake and tsunami wrought havoc on supply chains in a raft of industries, causing global shortages of items ranging from semiconductors to paint used in car production. The CEO of Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Jim Albaugh, said the company is looking hard at its supplier relationships and the possibility of dual-sourcing critical parts.

Suddenly my GPA doesn't look so shiny anymore 🙁
A History of College Grade Inflation -- The researchers collected historical data on letter grades awarded by more than 200 four-year colleges and universities. Their analysis (published in the Teachers College Record) confirm that the share of A grades awarded has skyrocketed over the years.

- Sheena Moore

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