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Paul Teague: Tell developers what you want -- Many procurement executives may have nodded their heads in agreement last week as a new study released by IFS North America revealed that enterprise software such as supply chain management applications are overly complex. "No kidding," they might have said, as they returned to their computer screens to try to access data and make some sense of it. There are other studies that show that engineers use only a small fraction of the capabilities of their design and analysis software, partly because of the complexity, and I suspect the same is true of procurement.

UN report.
1.3 Billion Tonnes Wasted Annually Through Supply Chains -- The new UN Global Food Losses and Food Waste report has revealed that an annual 1.3 billion tonnes in consumables are wasted throughout the supply chain - from the fields to the consumer. These figures demonstrate the potential profit companies are throwing away due to inefficiencies in the supply chain. Poor demand forecasting and market anticipation may be the key factor in "leaking" supply chains.

Glass half-empty.
Across Nation, Budget Talks Stir Pessimism -- On Friday morning, President Obama insisted that he completely understood how the American people -- a phrase he mentioned more than two dozen times -- felt about the slow pace of negotiations over the debt ceiling.

Talkin' bout a revolution, ohhhh...
E-Book Revolution Upends a Publishing Course -- FOR decades, even after it was renamed and relocated from its original home at Radcliffe, the Columbia Publishing Course seemed unchanging, a genteel summer tradition in the book business, a white-glove six-week course in which ambitious college graduates were educated in the time-honored basics of book editing, sales, cover design and publicity. Not this summer.

- Sheena Moore

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